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Hans J. Geuze
van Renesseweg 1,
3628 BB Kockengen,
The Netherlands

I am professor in cell biology at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. I am a birdwatcher and have painted birds as long as I can remember.I have traveled to numerous countries in Africa, Australia, the America's and India over the last twenty years, which has resulted in watercolors of many exotic bird species.





Preferred species:

shorebirds, gulls, swans, but also parrots, macaws

Preferred geographic region:


Preferred use of earlier or new work:

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electronic media:

published images:

covers of EMBO Journal 19, 7, 2000; 19, 20, 2000; and 20, 2001;
... 27, 3, 2008
SEO/Birdlife calender 1994
several books of the Artists for Nature Foundation
... (see