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Judith Gebhard Smith
Nightwing Studio

Judith classifies herself primarily as an expressionist. She has spent many years as a printmaker, five years developing neon sculptures, and finally, for the last eleven years, finding her niche as a pastellist. Much of her imagery focuses on crows and ravens. Recently she has begun to explore the encaustic medium. Additional Biographical Information.


Generally expressionistic


Pastel, encaustic, and some lithography

Preferred species:

Corvidae I have seen in the wild.

Preferred geographic region:

[None] since crows and ravens are widespread, but they lend themselves particularly well to a northwest USA backdrop.

Preferred use of earlier or new work:

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electronic media:

published images:

2004 (Spring) The Corvi Chronicle, National Newsletter
2004 (May,June) The Artist's Magazine
2002 (November) J. Phil. Transactions, The Royal Society, London
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2001 (May) The Daily Olympian (Olympia, WA)
2000 (November)The News Tribune (Tacoma WA)
1999 (September)The Tribune (Scottsdale, AZ)
1999 Encyclopdia of Living Artists (centerfold and back cover)
1998 Birds in Art Catalogue, Leigh Yawkey Museum, Wassau, WI
1997 (Summer) Manhattan Arts International