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Ria Winters
Woestijgerweg 55
3817 SC Amersfoort, Netherlands

I have been drawing and painting since childhood. I grew up in a village in the northeast portion of the Netherlands, surrounded by wetlands. In this surrounding I spent much time drawing the birds and animals. Later I started to travel, which was to become an important part of my life.

One of my main projects was the portrayal of extinct and endemic wildlife of the Mascarene islands. My first book "A Treasury of endemic fauna of Mauritius and Rodrigues" was published. The book portrays extinct species like the Dodo, the Broad-billed parrot, the Solitaire, the Island Burrowing Boa and extant species like the Mauritius parakeet and the Pink pigeon.




Watercolor and oil

Preferred species:
Raptors and Owls; Kingfishers; Woodpeckers; Extinct birds
Preferred geographic region:
Europe; Africa; North America; South America; Coastal regions
Preferred use of earlier or new work:

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selected published images:

Wildscape, 2003