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Note: Artists please contact us ( when one of your images are selected for use as a result of your listing in the Registry.



Example 1

A painting of Saw-billed Hermits by Barry Kent MacKay
was used as the frontispiece for the Wilson Bulletin...(29 October 2003, vol. 115, no, 1)

Example 2

A small shot of a painting by Judith Smith was included on the cover of the
Journal of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London: Biological Sciences.
(29 November 2002, vol. 357, no. 1427). .. A larger shot was used online.

Example 3

A small drawing of a Nicobar Pigeon and a Dodo head was inserted into a report without sacrificing space reserved for text.

Note: This was never published, just created to make a point...A large image, (often available as supplementary material in the online coverage of many journals) can be seen by clicking on the picture in the example.