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...journal lists in this registry are divided into PRIMARY (research) and SECONDARY (popular) publications.


Four Lists of Primary Publications:

include 300 journals that published at least one research article (in English) featuring birds in 2001...


...of these, 85 published at least 10 articles featuring birds. These are peer-reviewed scientific journals. We have ranked them by journal circulation size and by the number of articles featuring birds. www links provide instructions to authors including use of images in print. Links may also include instructions for online supplementary material. For a list of primary journals with 3-9 articles featuring birds, see List 2; for a list of primary journals with 1-2 articles featuring birds, see List 3.


One List of Secondary Publications:

includes magazines published by organizations, centers, or commercial ventures. Articles in these magazines often cite avian studies published in primary publications


...for a selection of secondary journals with circulation sizes of at least 9,000, see List 4. These publications are either exclusively birding journals or feature numerous bird-related articles (in English).